Wrecking Ball Production is Chicago based with a Midwest focus booking and promotion company  established in 2008. Collectively we have been playing in bands for 30 plus years including over 6,000 shows throughout the U.S. and internationally. Our goal in Wrecking Ball is to bring better show line ups together then your average "booking agent," We pride ourselves on actually doing full production and promotion for all shows ran with Wrecking Ball Production. A normal show doesn't exisit here at Wrecking Ball, we are always bouncing new themes, bands, ideas and specials into the mix. With so much going on these days in the world we dont host shows, and we arent just a "booking agent" Wrecking Ball is an event planner, so keep your eyes and ears open for the next Wrecking Ball Production in your local area.

Ian has been the manager, tour manager, as well the creative force of the North American touring band Voice of Addiction since 2004. While Ian manages and books over 100 shows per year for Voice of Addiction he also does booking around the Midwest for others as well through Wrecking Ball Production. Having two bachelor degrees from Columbia Ian has consistently continued to teach and give private lessons throughout Chicago.

WreckingBallBooking@gmail.com -Event Booking